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Recruitcare Professionals Ltd is made up of professionals who have a sound understanding of the Health and Social Care sector in the UK based from having worked in a number of organizations over a period 10-20 years. Our founding principles are unique as we keen to use our extensive experiences and knowledge ,passion, compassionate and empathy to benefit our clients, students and those seeking work in the health and social care sector.

The task of providing   Health Care Services has become a complex subjects due to rising figures of the ageing population and inadequacies witnessed in the current services provided which RPL seeks to address  .Our  staff are extensively vetted  National Minimum standards  and Independent Regulators such as Care Quality Commissioner . knowledge and experience to attract and match the best people to the right jobs. We have gathered the requisite specialist knowledge required to identify the right people for people in the Health Sector by ensuring that all the vital quality control steps such as credible     references and DBS checks are done and relevant training is provided. RPL believe in equipping the staff by ensuring that staff are adequately trained and competent to undertake their job.    Our objective is to put the needs of clients / service users first, working towards achieving outcomes and personalised targets. 
Attention to detail
Our aim is to ensure that Individual needs   for our clients are met without exception. All matters that need our attention are attended to ensure that all issues are dealt with accordingly.

We aim to continually deliver highest level of customer service and ensure that we continue offer our clients value for money.

Our guiding principles are thus:The key to our service is the quality of our care team who have a genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of the people they support. We provide them with full training and offer career development opportunities. We offer our staff industry leading training and
development and genuine career progression.  Our customers are guaranteed security   is well motivated,
professional care workers who are reliable and committed to delivering a first class service.
All our care workers are thoroughly trained and vetted with enhanced DBS checks. 

Attention to detail
Our aim is to ensure that all the requirements for our clients are met without exception. All matters that need our attention are attended to ensure that all issues are dealt with accordingly. 

We aim not say anything that we cannot achieve. Being truthful of how we work is our guide.

The demise of many organizations is their inability to live up to their word. Our interest is of the client and we will act at all times to ensure that they are met.

It is our understanding experience cannot be bought and we have that in place and we will continually hold onto this aspect when dealing with you.

Not much of this is mentioned and we pride ourselves as being highly ethical organization and we ensure that we look for the best people who not only identify with our vision, but also our passion for delivering high quality care.